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Lara O'Reilly/Business Insider

Jonah Peretti is the CEO and founder of BuzzFeed, a digital media company that reaches hundreds of millions of readers around the world with its fun quizzes and videos, as well as with hard-hitting news coverage.

Before starting BuzzFeed, Peretti launched The Huffington Post along with Ariana Huffington, Ken Lerer and the late conservative firebrand, Andrew Breitbart. 

Peretti recently spoke with Business Insider's US Editor-in-Chief, Alyson Shontell, for the podcast "Success! How I Did It."

In this episode, we cover: 

Jonah's first experience with viral fame, after an email thread between him and Nike exploded.

How he first met Arianna Huffington, who invited him to her home and cooked him breakfast. 

What Andrew Breitbart — another Huffington Post founder — was like, and what he might think of his namesake website today.

Buzzfeed's early days as an instant messaging bot. When you loved this short article and you want to receive much more information concerning รับผลิตสบู่ kindly visit the page.  

The reason he resisted the urge to sell BuzzFeed after receiving a huge buyout offer from Disney. 

Why company executives who seem intregral might not be as essential as you think. 

That famous lewd Ivanka Trump tweet, and why he published it. 

Why Buzzfeed decided to publish the Trump-Russia dossier. 

How to build a successful startup, and turn it into something massive.  
Listen to the full episode here, or listen later with the buttons below:

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